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The professionals at Liberty Farm can provide over 23 years of experience to aid the individual looking to progress from the public lesson program toward either leasing or horse ownership. We help with every part of the decision making process, including:

• Accessing riders goals, whether competition,
   resale, or pleasure
• Evaluating the family’s “Horse Budget” in respect
   to their goals
• Directing the search for the horse that fits the
   riders needs
• Evaluating the candidate horses and choosing
   the best fit for the rider






• Setting up and evaluating the Pre- Purchase
   Veterinary Exam
• Arranging delivery and payment methods for
   the horse
• Sharing in the joy of finding a new great friend
   and partner!

We sit down with every individual interested in taking the next step to start the exciting process of the horse search. Liberty farm charges a 15% commission on all sales and leases. Please contact Kathy Osborn to further discuss the details of horse leasing and ownership at Liberty Farm.





Individuals who wish to have a consistent horse to ride while developing their confidence and abilities will benefit from horse ownership at Liberty Farm. Horses in the school program are sometimes ridden by upwards of 7 riders per week, and the bond that forms between a rider and their own horse is valuable when learning any advanced riding skills. There is a limit to how good a rider you can be when riding only once a week or only with other public lesson students. You will be amazed with how fast you progress if you join the boarders and ride more often! By purchasing a horse the rider is able to find their ideal match, which can allow for a competitive team and the perfect partnership. Please contact us for a current list of all sale horses and ponies available at Liberty Farm.





Leasing provides an opportunity to "try on" the financial and time commitments of horse ownership without the up-front cash investment. We have a range of possibilities, including some owners who make arrangements to lease their horses for a fee, as well as several of our school horses being available for lease. The fees common to all horses leased are board, lease fees, farrier fees, routine veterinary care and a lesson package. All of the public and CE lesson packages are offered at a reduced rate to students riding a boarded horse. We like riders interested in a full lease to anticipate at minimum a 1 year commitment. Leasing is beneficial as it advances riders into the boarder lesson program, which is more technical and full of peers who are more serious riders.




In a half-lease you pay half the board and expenses (vet, farrier, etc.) on a horse or pony and get that horse 3 days per week, including the lesson days. The days you do not lesson the horse is yours to ride and practice what you have been taught. Though there is no contract to sign, I like you to intend to a six month commitment for a half lease, but I will not hold you to it if the lease is not working out for you. Our half-leasing opportunities are intended typically for riders who are newer to the sport and are interested in an increased commitment, but with fewer competition goals at present.